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Yung Fang Steel Chain & Hardwares Works Co., Ltd. was found in 1948, managed to produce and sell hardware, steel chain and press product etc. In 1972 the first automatic steel chain machine of Taiwan was invented alone by this company, which bring this industry to a brand-new area.

The production procedure of company exerts continual operation. There are various products supplied around the world. Main products consist of Anchor chains, fishery net chains, tire chains for cars and motorcycles, safety trail chains, chains for animals, industry, decoration, and various press products, etc. First did Yung Fang produce stainless steel in 1987 to satisfy the demand of market and to promote competence.

Only with perpetual thinking, unending change, constant progress, ongoing pursuit for perfect, and life-long acquirement could we survive from fast-changing arena. After much consideration, reform and improvement, it is clear that only through continually striving for perfection, coupled with learning, can we gain a foothold in today's competitive arena. Owing to the willing participation of all our employees, the support of those in the same business, and the encouragement of the market, our company formally qualified for the international ISO 9002 94 quality assurance license in 1999. We thus became the first Taiwanese manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9002 quality certification. Also, be upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 again in 2008, and be authenticated ISO 9001:2015 again in 2017. In the future, our company will continue according to the same-fine traditions as we always have, striving for perfection and seeking to sharpen our competitive edge. We will certainly wholeheartedly cooperate with your company, and we expect this cooperation to lead to further successes in the future.

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